Cummins 6BT5.9 Engine Component Torque Values

Aftercooler Mounting18
Alternator Pulley59
Belt tensioner bracket18
Belt tensioner32
Cam Thrust Plate18
Connecting Rod bolts
step 126
step 251
step 373
Crankshaft Damper Pulley92
Cylinder Head Bolts
step 1 all bolts66
step 2 long bolts90
step 3 rotate all 90 degrees
Exhaust Manifold32
Fan Bracket Mounting18
Fan Pulley18
Flywheel Housing57
Fuel Banjo (in head)18
Fuel Banjo (in injector)7
Fuel Filter Adapter Nut24
Fuel Line Fitting (high pressure)18
Fuel Injection Pump Gear Nut
Bosch rotary48
Lucas CAV48
Bosch P3000 P7100122
Fuel Injection Pump Mounting Nuts
Bosch VE32
Lucas CAV22
Bosch Inline32
Fuel Pump Solenoid
Bosch VE32
Lucas CAV11
Timing Gear Cover18
Gear housing to block18
Injector Retaining Nut44
Intake Manifold Cover18
Lift Pump Mounting18
Main Bearing Cap
step 144
step 288
step 3129
Oil Cooler Assembly18
Oil pan drain plug60
Oil pan Mounting18
Oil Pressure Regulator Plug60
Oil pump mounting18
Oil suction tube flange18
Oil suction tube brace18
Rear seal mounting7
Rocker support18
Rocker lever nut25
Starter mounting32
Tappet cover18
Thermostat housing18
Timing pin flange mounting4
Turbo housing V-band6
Turbo mounting nuts32
Turbo oil drain tube18
Turbo oil supply line26
Coolant inlet32
Water pump mounting18
Valve cover18

Component Specifications
Cylinder boresMIN 4.0157 in
MAX 4.0203
Cylinder bore out of roundMAX .0014 in
Cylinder bore taperMAX .003 in
Crankshaft end clearanceMIN .004
MAX .017
Oil control ring end gapMIN .010 in
MAX .022 in
intermediate ring gapMIN .010 in
MAX .022 in
top ring gap (turbocharged)MIN .016
MAX .028 in
Connecting rod side clearanceMIN .004 in
MAX .O13 in
Camshaft end clearanceMIN .003 in
MAX .0185 in
Ijection pump gear backlashMIN .003 in
MAX .013 in
Camshaft gear backlashMIN .003 in
MAX .013 in
Cylinder Head capscrew MAX free length
short2.815 in
medium4.807 in
long7.201 in
Valve stem to rocker clearance
intake.010 in
exhaust.020 in
#1 TDC adjust valves 1,2,3,6,7, and 10
#6 TDC adjust valves 4,5,8,9,11, and 12