Cummins 6CT 8.3 Torque Secifications
Componentft lbs
Aftercooler mounting18
Alternator pulley Nut59
Belt tensioner to bracket32
Cam thrust plate18
Connecting rod
step one33
step two60
step three88
Crankshaft damper148
Crossover clamp4
Exhaust manifold32
Exhaust outlet pipe mounting32
Exhaust V-band clamp9
Fan bracket mounting18
Flywheel housing45
Fuel banjo screw in filter head18
Fuel vent screw in banjo6
Fuel low pressure supply at pump11
Fuel low pressure return at pump11
Fuel filter adapter nut24
Fuel high pressure line fitting18
Fuel pump drive gear (A)60
Fuel pump drive gear (MW)66
Fuel pump lock11
Fuel pump mounting nut32
Timing gear cover short bolts18
Timing gear cover bolts long 10.929
Gear housing to block 10.929
*Cylinder Head Bolts
step one37
step two110
step three148
Injector drain manifold7
Injector retaining capscrew18
Intake manifold cover18
Lift pump mounting18
Main bearing cap
step one37
step two88
step three129
Oil coler cover18
Oil pan drain plug60
Oil pan mounting18
Oil pressure regulating valve60
Oil pump mounting18
Oil suction tube flange7
Oil suction tube brace7
Rocker support32
Rocker lever nut18
Starter motor57
Thermostat housing18
Timing pin flange mounting4
Turbo mounting nut24
Turbo drain tube18
Turbo oil supply fitting18
Water pump mounting18
Valve cover18
*Cylinder head bolt torque is for early production engines. Newer head gaskets require torque plus turn. Engine serial number required for proper torque.