All waveforms on this page were captured with some combination of the following:
Snap On Vantage® graphing multimeter
AES low amps current clamp
Amprobe high amp current clamp
AES wave

For more information about these tools or how I captured the waveforms, E-mail me at

Steering potentiometer STX 275 known good

Steering potentiometer STX 275 with drop outs

MX 110 speed sensor at 3 MPH with 54" wheels

MX 110 speed sensor at 2 MPH with 54" wheels

MX 255 Injection Pumping control valve signal

MX 110 Relative compression test

MX 110 RPM signal from alternator at 1000 RPM

MX 110 PTO speed sensor signal at 1000 RPM

MX 110 current waveform of forward solenoid (reverse and speed solenoids similar)

MX 255 engine position sensor during cranking

CAPS front pumping unit click test using Insite

CAPS ICV click test using Insite

STX 275 alternator with failed diode

New Aurora blower motor

Worn out Aurora blower motor

Worn out fuel lift pump pressure graph

New lift pump pressure graph

Injector current waveform for NEF engine

shorted ICV solenoid valve on Cummins QSC

MF 5470SA ground speed sensor waveform at two MPH

MF 492 Failed Air Filter Restriction Switch-light flickering

MF 4360 4wd solenoid current/pressure (1.2 amps/299psi)

MF 596 fuel pump with cut fuel filter o-ring (air in system)

MF 596 new lift pump waveform known good (4762 RPM key on engine off)

Battery on charger (voltage and current measurement on Vantage Pro)

Thomas Nut Bank Out hydrostat control failure

MF 5465 starter voltage and current

Knock sensor bank two P0332

Knock Sensor after repair

Thomas Nut Bank Out Hydrostat in forward

Thomas Nut Bank Out Hydrostat in reverse

You may copy or collect any of these waveforms you want. If you do use them however, please give me credit.

If you would like to see a tractor waveform that is not here, E-mail me, I may be able to help.

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